Short description of the idea

The members of our team are IT engineer students, who would like to create a company after graduation by which they could help the various generations of the society to develop their digital literacy and have access to digital information. The activities of the company are dual: on one hand, it coordinates services supporting teaching which can ease the burden on schoolchildren by replacing the heavy textbooks with the much lighter Smartbook, which would contain the curriculum of textbooks broken down per age group, and, on the other hand, we plan to set up an online curriculum developer team who would develop various applications supporting learning and e-learning packages in Hungarian and English language, for different age groups. In the current social system, it is very easy to get some kind of a smart device, but it is not the case in the education system, or they are used only to a very limited extent, despite the fact that there is a great potential in them. The quality and efficiency of education is an important social issue, which could be affected by the activities of our company, as we offer online curriculum and applications, packages supporting learning which can make teaching more efficient, motivate students and help those lagging behind in the field of digital literacy to catch up.

Idea of Tomorrow I. helyezett csapatIntroduction

We are the Computer Engineer students of the Nagykanizsa Campus of the University of Pannonia. After graduation, we would like to start an own business, which could be based on this idea presented by us in this competition. In parallel with our studies, we are working on preparing the applications necessary for our project. We are very determined and we would like to get the best of ourselvers in the competition. We hope that our idea will be useful for the different generations of the society who need a little development or catching up in the field of technology.