Europa Consortium is a non-governmental organization actively supporting its region with social innovation and development projects. Its colleagues have a long track of experience on the field of management of EU funded projects: LIFE+, FP6, FP7, CIP-IEE, HU-HR IPA, SEE, LLP, etc. The organization provides project management services throughout the whole project lifexyxle, offers in-house and small group trainings as well as coaching solutions on project development and management. The headquarter is located in the City of Nagykanizsa, in the Wien-Budapest-Zagreb triangle.

The organization has a well-established network with local, regional and national decision-makers and other stakeholders. Its experts are involved in regional and territorial planning activities too. Through its cross-border and transnational projects and free services ( it is capable to effectively address a large number of professionals and to disseminate information on various initiations.

Europa Consortium has both the operational and financial capacity to carry our its activities up to the high standards of the Consortium’s expectations. Its reliable and committed staff supports the elaboration of its tasks meeting all deadlines, while the long term contracts and stable client base of the Company ensures a firm foundation for its financing and stable cash-flow.

Contact Person:
Krisztina Erdős
Project manager