BIC GROUP has been active on the consultancy market since 1993. The roots of BIC Group were established in 1991 when representatives of European Business and Innovation Network (EBN) visited Slovakia in order to establish the first Business Innovation Center in our country. In 1993 the mother company of Business Innovation Center BIC Group was set up.

Our mission

Our mission is to support enhancement of innovation activities in Slovakia by integrating Slovak enterprises and research institutions into EU and Structural Funds projects and assisting them in technology and know-how transfer in order to raise their competitiveness and innovation capacities.We reach our objectives also by preparation and joining various international projects that aim to support innovation infrastructure, regional development and innovation activities in Slovakia. We are also highly interested in support of entrepreneurship.


We are the only organization in Slovakia that supports companies in their foresight activities by organizing regular international technology foresight trainings for corporate managers. Foresight has become our special skill as since 2004 we have been involved in various foresight projects with national, regional and sectoral focus.

Our team

Our team consists of innovation experts and experienced project managers with know-how related to all aspects of innovation and R&D support and project implementation.