PRESS RELEASE – I-SICS International Social Innovation Competition Kit

press_conference1Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program announced by the European Commission the „I-SICS – International Social Innovation Competition for Students and Adult Learners” project aims to raise the awareness of university students to the most important problems of their regions, and urge them to think in a socially responsible way, so that they can become effective and committed activists of their homelands.


1. The adaptation of good practices in the field of entrepreneurship and student competitions to a new field, that of social innovation.

2. The use of the International Social Innovation Competition as a communication channel, using it as an awareness raising campaign to draw the attention of individuals, companies, media, decision-makers and stakeholders on various other levels to the most important social issues and to urge them to act in a socially responsible way.

3. The creation of a Social Innovation Competition Kit, which will be a ready-to-use package of various materials that can be applied anywhere in Europe.


press_conference2In 2015, best practices, case studies and competition in connection with the field of social innovation have been gathered and examined by a complex research. The results of the research were presented in an information leaflet, namely the „I-ISCS Booklet”, which can be downloaded from the following link:

Based on the research results we announced the I-SICS International Social Innovation Competition, to which university/college students or adult learners above 18 could apply.

The task of the competitors were to develop up-to-date and useful ideas (products, services or models) which satisfy needs of the society and establish new social cooperation.

Each competitor had a mentor who helped during the planning, and in the preparation of the competition. Moreover the competitors also completed a training which is based on the „Social Enterprising Europe (SEE)” program in March of 2016. During the training the competitors also acquired useful entrepreneurial knowledge.

The regional rounds of the I-SICS competition were organised in May of 2016 by all partners, in which students and adult learners presented their project ideas in connection with social innovation. The regionally chosen best placed competitors competed on the international competition in 24-25 of August 2016 in Veszprem, at the University of Pannonia. Beside the competition a workshop were also organized from 21th to 27th of August. The location of the workshop was Balatonalmádi.

I-SICS_KITIn the framework of the project a Social Innovation Competition Kit (I-SICS Kit) were compiled, which provide guidance to the organization of the competition on the field of social innovation, and can be applied all over Europe. The Kit gives a great opportunity to any institution to organize their own social innovation competition. The Kit contains the good practices, and the experiences collected previously the partners, and shared during the organization of their own competition. The composed Kit is based on the previously mentioned good practices, a guideline to anyone who is interested in the organization of social innovation competition.

The I-SICS Kit can be downloaded from the following link:

Within the framework of the KA2-Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices Erasmus+ Program announced by the European Commission the project will be carried out in cooperation with the following partners: University of Pannonia – Faculty of Business and Economics (Hungary), CVO Antwerpen (Belgium), Europa Consortium (Hungary), BIC Group s.r.o. (Slovakia), Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja (Croatia), Universitat Rovira I virgili (Spain).

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
Project number: 2014-1-HU01-KA203-002367

International Social Innovation Competition Kit

ISICS E-book A4 1We are pleased to share the International Social Innovation Competition Kit (I-SICS Kit) with colleagues in other organizations who may be interested in organizing competitions in the field of social innovation. The I-SICS Kit is about inspiring young people to create new and more effective answers to the biggest challenges of our times.

The materials we have developed and introduce here, are intended to support all those organisations who are involved and actively participate in generating social innovation. The main target group of this I-SICS Kit are teachers, organizers, universities, and other parties who are interested in the organization of a competition with a special focus on social innovation.

Use this handbook as a reference guide for your Social Innovation Competition!

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University students are sensitive and responsive to social challenges

University students are sensitive and responsive to social challengesOur project, International Social Innovation Competition for Students and Adult Learners has entered in its final phase. In order to discuss and conciliate the gained experiences, and to agree on the elaboration challenges of the final product of the project, the “I-SICS KIT”, partners met in Bratislava (Slovakia) on 13-14th February, 2017.

The colleagues of Europa Consortium summarised Partners’ experiences gained in the past two years and feedbacks received from the stakeholders in a fifty-page long study, and presented in details to partners. Based on the 324 questionnaires received from students, trainers, mentors and jury members we can undoubtedly declare that students and adult learners are sensitive and responsive to social challenges surrounding us and are ready to provide answers and solutions. The International Social Innovation Competition for Students and Adult Learners, in conjunction with the preceding training and mentoring, as well as the workshops provide an excellent occasion and opportunity for discussing and harmonising answers to social challenges, knowledge sharing and exchange, and also for collaboration.

Based on the Feedback Study of Europa Consortium, the Partnership will elaborate the handbook and guidelines by which organisations interested in social innovation competitions will have the know-how of organising and implementing such (regional) competitions and might join to international contests. The I-SICS KIT, besides training materials, will provide tips for recruiting competitors, selection criteria for trainers, mentors, jury members, methodological recommendations for training implementation and mentoring. Step-by-step guidance in organising and implementing the competition, assessment and evaluation criteria proposals, of course, will be also the parts of the I-SICS KIT.

The I-SICS KIT will be ready by the end of May 2017. Europa Consortium Regional Development Non-profit Ltd. announce a social innovation roundtable session to be implemented in the first part of June 2017, in the course of which the I-SICS KIT will be released.

I-SICS videos

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