IMG_1528Today we speak about raising ecological awareness more often and much louder. Even so all of us can see that the implementation of it in reality has still been on its lowest and hasn’t truly become a part of our values. We believe that it can be changed if we progressively bring into modern and more interesting approach to ecology, mostly within our younger generations. This issue of global awareness and minimized global reaction made us think about different ways we could use to start a change around us. We feel that we should start affecting locally to provide an example, but our ideas and further activities should interlink wider areas of our society.

By seeing the real picture of our environment, community and what we pass off as ideal, we created this project Eco(re)action. It has a main purpose of linking creativity, innovation, young population and ecology. With this project we want to answer a few fundamental social needs, such as upbringing of a child that has become more unstable because of the negative influence of computerization and modern technology that make harmful content very accessible; and environment that has been neglected for rapture with urban lifestyle, technological advancement, mass production and responding to more luxurious needs of our society.

Exactly by influencing a younger mindset through actual activity, they can be initiating changes while growing up and with that come values that can further affect our community and later the society.