Each team has a mentor who they will take part on training with in March 2016. On the training they get help to set out, improve their idea. They present their plans in front of professional jury within a local competition in Veszprém in May 2016. The 3 best ideas qualify for the international round.


The 3 best ideas of the local competition qualify for the international round, where they have to compete with Belgian, Spanish, Slovakian and Croatian teams in Balatonalmádi in August 2016.

  • Competitors must be at the age of 18+ and need to be a university student or an adult learner
  • Students/adult learners need to develop a social business plan at a regional competition
  • The social business plan can be prepared individually or in team, but every team needs a team leader
  • Every participant will attend the Social Enterprising Europe (SEE) Project training where attendants will acquire the most important experiences in order to deal with social business planning
  • Every participant will work together with a mentor who will facilitate the planning process and will prepare competitors for the contest
  • The 3 best ideas/projects on regional level will compete at the international competition with the other representatives of the regional competitions
  • The evaluation of the full project plans will be based on the presentation of the projects and on the Social Enterprising Europe (SEE) Project Learning Program