University students are sensitive and responsive to social challengesOur project, International Social Innovation Competition for Students and Adult Learners has entered in its final phase. In order to discuss and conciliate the gained experiences, and to agree on the elaboration challenges of the final product of the project, the “I-SICS KIT”, partners met in Bratislava (Slovakia) on 13-14th February, 2017.

The colleagues of Europa Consortium summarised Partners’ experiences gained in the past two years and feedbacks received from the stakeholders in a fifty-page long study, and presented in details to partners. Based on the 324 questionnaires received from students, trainers, mentors and jury members we can undoubtedly declare that students and adult learners are sensitive and responsive to social challenges surrounding us and are ready to provide answers and solutions. The International Social Innovation Competition for Students and Adult Learners, in conjunction with the preceding training and mentoring, as well as the workshops provide an excellent occasion and opportunity for discussing and harmonising answers to social challenges, knowledge sharing and exchange, and also for collaboration.

Based on the Feedback Study of Europa Consortium, the Partnership will elaborate the handbook and guidelines by which organisations interested in social innovation competitions will have the know-how of organising and implementing such (regional) competitions and might join to international contests. The I-SICS KIT, besides training materials, will provide tips for recruiting competitors, selection criteria for trainers, mentors, jury members, methodological recommendations for training implementation and mentoring. Step-by-step guidance in organising and implementing the competition, assessment and evaluation criteria proposals, of course, will be also the parts of the I-SICS KIT.

The I-SICS KIT will be ready by the end of May 2017. Europa Consortium Regional Development Non-profit Ltd. announce a social innovation roundtable session to be implemented in the first part of June 2017, in the course of which the I-SICS KIT will be released.