IMG_1617Due to the rapid development of society the old people live alone at the villages. There are no neighbours, family members, grandchildren surrounding them. Due to being alone during most of the day, older people may think that they are superfluous and not needed. But… They know many tricks from the last century that we have to learn from them to make our traditions live!

The aim of the project is to establish and maintain contacts between the old and the younger generations for transmitting the valuable knowledge of the experienced people.

As the impact of the initiation old generation will feel that they are useful, they will increase their activity and young people get to know our habits, traditions, foods, embroiders, etc.

The project is adaptable in and adjustable to every country anywhere in the world, because every nation has their own traditions. Our tradition makes us unique!

The project is also adaptable for nurseries, employing rehabilitated or disabled people.

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