Melting Pot – “Food from Everywhere”

WinnerWhat is Melting Pot?
Melting Pot means a mix of cultures in our society. We would like to represent the mix of cultures in dishes. We believe that food connects people and provide solidarity and love. We’ll give asylum seekers, our social target group, a daily activity by creating a catering company where they are given the opportunity to prepare their home countries dishes. Individuals and companies, our commercial customers, can taste food from a variety of countries.

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Future Generation Centre Kőszeg

IMG_1545The idea of our project is based on the health and psychological related problems of children. The idea is to create a leisure and medical centre for the young generation to help to find a solution to their problems and increase their well-being and quality of life.

The vision is to turn the subsequent generations of adults more successful and balanced through an appropriate childhood.

Our centre offers a wide variety of services and possibilities even for those children who are coming from families with modest financial circumstances or foster care institutions.

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CosyStudying – Brings young and old together

IMG_1537CosyStudying responds in the first place to the lack of places to study at the campus of high schools or universities. The fact that many students in this period search a place to study, leads to timewasting. This problem will lead to poor learning outcomes, low school performance and individual learning paths. All these effects cost a lot of money to the government. A quiet place offering to students where they can study, is the purpose of CosyStudying. This will be reached to let students studying at dwelling retiree older people.

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The School Assembly – Expand your audience!

IMG_1539The focus of The School Assembly project was put on launching a school forum that gives the different social groups a chance to meet and have conversations.

Do your organisation want to promote their values to a bigger audience? Do you want to involve other actors in the society? Innovate and grow through The School Assembly.

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IMG_1610StrateDo is a social enterprise created by Manuel Gross. The company provides a free online software that enables all users to generate an online marketing strategy tailored to the needs and possibilities of different users. It has very simple instruction, and make it easy for everyone to use it. from an input of information, generates an online marketing strategy tailored to the needs and possibilities of each user, and with clear and simple instructions for anyone even even experience in the area, can run smoothly.

StrateDo looking at its social impact small businesses who can not afford an advertising agency on the Internet, can self-manage their online presence professionally.

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IMG_1800The ÁllásPONT recruitment system tries to fill an existing gap in the market as part of an initiative service thereby it provides a predictable, efficient, effective and socially useful recruitment system both for the jobseekers and for the employers.

The project aims to support the employment of jobseekers with lower educational attainment, disadvantaged living conditions or with qualifications which have low labor market potentials traced back to economic, social, infrastructural, and education aspects.

In the introduction stage of the system the project aims to improve the situation of the labor market in the region of South Transdanubia, by supporting the jobseeker layer, thereby providing manpower for the operating businesses. In the medium term we want to improve the chances of finding jobs in the countryside by integrating more regions.

With this feature, the system can offer a solution to the problem of structural unemployment. Long-term objective is to achieve national coverage; this way comes to the most complex system to reduce the labor shortage and the unemployment nationwide.

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Sponsor a Wall – “Apadrina un Muro”

IMG_1749“Apadrina un Muro”  is a social company created by Lucas Amat and Isaac Soler whose  main idea is to create mural painting projects through crowdfunding. It is an innovative system that enhances the street art, improve urban spaces, it gives opportunity for artists to work within their passion. In addition, it facilitates the coordination of these projects with the local council and involves citizens in improving local spaces, which is a complex task that increase the value of the project. .

Its social impact is to include people who previously faced some problems with graffiti, Within this project  they have the opportunity to work as volunteer for the community and discover the that graffiti could be done to improve the community, not only as vandalism.

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Eco (Re)Action – Green Wheels

IMG_1696Today we speak about raising ecological awareness more often and much louder. Even so all of us can see that the implementation of it in reality has still been on its lowest and hasn’t truly become a part of our values. We believe that it can be changed if we progressively bring into modern and more interesting approach to ecology, mostly within our younger generations. This issue of global awareness and minimized global reaction made us think about different ways we could use to start a change around us. We feel that we should start affecting locally to provide an example, but our ideas and further activities should interlink wider areas of our society.

By seeing the real picture of our environment, community and what we pass off as ideal, we created this project Eco(re)action. It has a main purpose of linking creativity, innovation, young population and ecology. With this project we want to answer a few fundamental social needs, such as upbringing of a child that has become more unstable because of the negative influence of computerization and modern technology that make harmful content very accessible; and environment that has been neglected for rapture with urban lifestyle, technological advancement, mass production and responding to more luxurious needs of our society.

Exactly by influencing a younger mindset through actual activity, they can be initiating changes while growing up and with that come values that can further affect our community and later the society.

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IncluSer – Inclusion in service

IMG_1624Incluser is a social enterprise that provide services such as coffee break, lunch, brunch, cocktails and waiters for academic and business events. The waiters contracted by the company are intellectually disabled and are trained as “waters and cuisine assistant”. For the service waiters contract with newly trained as “waiters, and auxiliary gastronomy” intellectual disability. It is intended that the members of each link in the value chain that enable service delivery are made up of people with disabilities, in order to give the consumer a differentiated service.

The aim of incluser is to transform the reality of people with disabilities, by making them visible and economically active citizens, promoting equal opportunities among people, and helping to overcome the situation of vulnerability in which they live. The chosen name of the company is “IncluSer”, which tries to reflect the distinctive feature of the company, not based on being inclusive by nature.

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REDACT – Colorful Steps

IMG_1523Today’s world is facing a host of social challenges and problems that simply cannot be ignored. As students, we are aware that we must not be passive observers of what is happening around us, but we need to use our energy and ideas to improve the quality of life in our community. Social issues such as unemployment, poverty, a gap between the rich and the poor cannot be fully addressed without the cooperation of all stakeholders. Furthermore, young people should be the initiators of positive social changes and equal participants in solving problems in their community. One of the major social problems faced by almost all countries is the insufficient inclusion of people with certain behavioral disorders, and the same applies to Croatia. The awareness of this problem prompted us to launch a business venture that would contribute to the inclusion of such persons, but also address other important challenges such as ecological disposal of used furniture and prolonging its life. People with certain behavioral disorders are often younger, so we believe that this proposed venture recognizes their needs and provides activities that are aimed at solving their problems.

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