IMG_1540My social innovation idea deals with transport of disabled people and people with limited mobility. Current solutions in this field have some points which I would like to improve. From that reason I decide to make design of wheelchair, which would satisfy criteria in field of ergonomic, simple manipulation, possible application in terrain and nice and user friendly design. Possibility of using it in terrain would be solved by using of suspension of wheelchair and by manual handling of wheels. This will offer higher comfort for mobility of disabled people in terrain.

So the most important part of my motivation is to help disadvantaged people with their limited mobility. I want to help people after some kind of accident, to help people whose are not able to walk.

Around us there is lot of people who had fully functional top part of human body and also like sport activities. By realization of my social innovation project I would like to help these people to get them back to life. For sure they will still have limited mobility, but they do not feel as disadvantaged people any more.

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