IMG_1800The ÁllásPONT recruitment system tries to fill an existing gap in the market as part of an initiative service thereby it provides a predictable, efficient, effective and socially useful recruitment system both for the jobseekers and for the employers.

The project aims to support the employment of jobseekers with lower educational attainment, disadvantaged living conditions or with qualifications which have low labor market potentials traced back to economic, social, infrastructural, and education aspects.

In the introduction stage of the system the project aims to improve the situation of the labor market in the region of South Transdanubia, by supporting the jobseeker layer, thereby providing manpower for the operating businesses. In the medium term we want to improve the chances of finding jobs in the countryside by integrating more regions.

With this feature, the system can offer a solution to the problem of structural unemployment. Long-term objective is to achieve national coverage; this way comes to the most complex system to reduce the labor shortage and the unemployment nationwide.